Photoluminescent Signages

AUTOLITE is an innovative and trustworthy entrant in the field in the of photoluminescent signages. We provide photoluminescent emergency EXIT/FIRE EXIT signages that Indicate life saving Exit paths for emergency evacuation, general safety and caution warnings in public buildings, commercials, Corporate houses, Hospitals, Factories, Auditorium, Theaters, Hotels, Subway, Restaurant, Schools, Aircrafts, Hostel, Warehouse, Power plants, Amusement parks Etc, When emergency events occur due to sudden power outages and accidents, causing confusion and fear, As escape ways are no longer visib-le and evacuation rendered difficult.

Important fire Safety equipment such as Fire Extinguisher, Fuse boxes, valves and other important cannot be located. Such a situation leads to increase of risk to increase manifold. All the singages are made with photoluminescent material which illuminates a clear and visible glow when there is darkness due to power cut.

Photoluminescent material works without electricity for emission of glow. This material is environment friendly and pollution free, as it does not cause any heat, flame, electric shock or pollution. Withe exposure to light natural or artificial this photoluminesent light is realized to give off luminous glow by non-toxic chemical.

It has long life as it does not need internal or external wiring/ electric supply. It is water proof, vapor, explosion proof, corrosion proof, mold proof, fire retardant and non- radioactive.

AUTOLITE SIGNS are manufactured from best photoluminescent materials and to the latest international standards, ensuring its use for years
to come. We produce our photoluminescent signs in a wide rang of materials and have detailed properties and used below.
For use where there is a risk of other light sources failing. These signs will glow intensely during sudden darkness. They are available in the following material. 

Flexyle Sheet (F)

Flexyle is a self-adhesive flexible sheet which can be fixed on any surface which is used for fixing on fire extinguisher or any other round and uneven surface where rigid cannot used. 
Rigid Sheet (R)
A robust and durable self-adhesive sheet which can be fixed on any surface most suitable for indoor signs.
For use where industrial durability and quality is required suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

ALL AUTOLITE signs unlike conventional signs come with High-grade self-adhesive gumming. It does not require any drilling, screwing or adhesive. Simply peel off the backing paper and apply.

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